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We take huge pride in handling and selling of second hand cars. We provide you with the best and only the best advices on your car purchase specially catered to your specific needs. Our patient automobile geniuses will thoroughly walk you through all the considerations that you should make, and answer any and every doubt that you may have. We always aim to serve you to our best ability, and will consistently keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and news within the industry to achieve that goal. You can be sure that our automobile geniuses are all highly competent in selling you second hand car.

In Singapore, there is no better place to find experts in second hand car transactions than at Car Quotation 365!  If you, for any reason, are looking to sell your used car away, then you are at the right place! Here at Car Quotation 365, we believe in providing our customers the greatest value for their used cars.

We will carefully evaluate your vehicle, and provide you with a valuation that is more than reasonable and attractive! It is almost like turning your used car into a goldmine, magically! “Used cars for sale” can never mean the same here in Singapore, thanks to our knowledgeable experts who will put their hearts and souls into serving our customers.

So no matter whether you are looking to purchase a second hand car in Singapore, or to putting up used cars for sale, Car Quotation 365 has it all prepared for your convenience. We are always ready by your service, and have your interest in mind. Because we are the only second hand car dealer in Singapore that cares about our customers as deeply as we care for our cars.
Sell your used car and get a new fortune. Buy a second hand car and be rewarded with first-hand experience. Because car is only part of the story. The other part is all about you.

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